Sunday, March 27, 2011

Welcome Everyone to My First Post

Welcome and Hey. So I am Squidoo King. and I have just found out what Squidoo is all about. Though my online searches, I have come across many different ways to make passive and legit money online.I have turned my attention to online marketing and article writing. I understand many people may not understand what that means so here is my explanation.

I am working online writing articles or sale pages for Amazon or Ebay. I need to create unique and useful information that will make people buy what I want to sell. I have been working on these type of articles for a while now and plan on publishing over 1,000 different selling articles.

I will attempt to find ways to show you my stats with all of the online affiliate marketers that I will be trying. My ultimate goal will be to make $5,000 a month so I can continue to help more people and be able to live financially secure.

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